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Things we do in this project
  1. To make a very small biodiesel processor to fit in the car. (It uses waterless system which allows us to travel in the desert area.)
  2. To run on biodiesel that is recycled from waste vegetable oil.
  3. To make the fuel from various kinds of oil in various regions in the world.
  4. To learn more and test biodiesel for a very long distance.
  5. To research on other alternative energy.
  6. To learn alternative way of life including green buildings and healthy food etc. when meeting people.
  7. To have people tell us what they hope for the future on the earth, and have them write / draw it.
  8. To see and feel this beautiful mother earth
  9. We plan to share all the experience and information we get through the things we do (all of the above) on our website, blog and so forth.
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